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Advocating Your Views, Not Mine

Because you know what is best for you and your families.

     For far too long, our elected representatives have placed their own personal views above those of Marylanders. That's not how its supposed to be. As YOUR Senator, I will represent the views of all Marylanders at the national level - not my own. I will work with our Governor and State House to ensure that Maryland is represented fairly, honestly, and completely; and that your rights are protected.

     I believe in a common sense approach to addressing the issues facing Marylanders.  Partisan politics are not going to solve anything.  Only through cooperation - working with others of all points of view - are we going to have any chance of reaching real solutions to our shared problems.

Securing Our Borders

Addressing our Southern Border crisis and immigration reform.

     Countries are defined by their borders.  Our southern border crisis continues to test this definition.  Recent estimates state that over 9 million undocumented people have crossed our borders since the beginning of the Biden Administration.  That is 1.5 times the entire 2023 population of the State of Maryland; which was only 6.18 million (6,180,253)!   This is an unsustainable situation that violates current Federal laws regarding immigration and threatens to change our nation forever.  The flood of undocumented people from all over the world flowing across the southern border has caused a major humanitarian crisis in many major cities throughout the country and poses a grave risk to our national security. 

      Make no mistake – I fully support legal immigration and welcome anyone to America that comes here within the confines of our laws.  We are a nation of immigrants.  Our strength lies both in our diversity and in our unity as Americans.  Our nation was founded upon the rule of law.  Regardless of one’s personal views on the topic of immigration, it is clear that what it currently happening is a direct violation of those laws.  We cannot simply turn a blind eye to that fact.

      The current Administration’s policies of “Catch & Release” does not allow sufficient time for Federal authorities to conduct proper vetting of these immigrants.  Many arrive without any documentation or identification, and it is simply reckless to allow them into our country before we even verify who they are.  According to a December 20, 2023 statement issued by the House Committee on Homeland Security, 294 illegal aliens on the Terrorist Watchlist have been apprehended at the Southwest border between ports of entry since the beginning of Fiscal Year 2021—and those are only the individuals Border Patrol agents have actually caught.  Of the over 9 million undocumented migrants that have entered the U.S. during the Biden Administration, The Secretary of Homeland Security has confirmed that over 1.7 million of them are “Known Gotaways” at the Southwest border – meaning that they entered without any contact with Federal authorities whatsoever.  FBI Director Chrstopher Wray has stated that, within this staggering number of “Gotaways,” are members of America’s enemies, including Iran-backed Hamas and Hezbollah; and that they have been emboldened to spread their malign influence following the October 7 terrorist attacks on Israel.  Additionally, recent reports state that nearly 20,000 military-aged Chinese National single males have crossed our Southern Border since the start of the crisis.  It should be clear to everyone that this situation constitutes a grave threat to our national security and turns every State into a “Border State.”

      The lack of effective border control has allowed illegal drugs like fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine to flow freely into our cities.  Maryland now has the third highest rate of fentanyl overdoses in the entire country.  This has to change – NOW.  The lives of American citizens are being lost every single day at alarming rates as a direct result of this open border policy.  I will see that ended.
      The unprecedented flow of these migrants into our cities and towns is causing a major humanitarian and fiscal crisis.  “Sanctuary Cities” like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Boston, Denver, and Washington, DC are seeing the number of undocumented immigrants surge into their cities for the promise of free housing, food, medical care, and cash payments.  Here in Maryland, Baltimore City, Howard County, Montgomery County, and Prince George’s County are all Sanctuary Cities or Counties.  Undocumented migrants are being prioritized over American citizens; and the taxpayers in those jurisdictions are footing the bill for these services.  Cities are turning schools into shelters; displacing our students who desperately need to be in the classroom.  Shelters have been opened in close proximity to daycare centers and elementary schools – housing people whose criminal backgrounds are unknown – placing our children and those communities at risk.  These cities are placing an unsustainable burden on the resources that were supposed to be dedicated to their legal residents; all while refusing to cooperate with Federal immigration authorities; and leaving the law-abiding American citizens in those cities asking why they cannot get services that are now being provided to those that broke our laws.

      Our legal immigrations laws are outdated.  Congress has refused to act for decades to re-write them so that they are more fair, equitable, and humane.  The current visa “Lottery System” fails to adequately take into account those who have family members already legally in the U.S. who may be in a position to take responsibility for them for immigration purposes.  It can take decades for an applicant to receive a legal visa to emigrate to the U.S., and those claiming Refugee status or requesting Asylum must meet a very limited and specific set of criteria in order to qualify.  The vast majority of the undocumented migrants that have entered the U.S. during this crisis do not meet the qualifications for lawful entry under any criteria.  Regardless of the reason for emigrating, those seeking to enter are never supposed to become a financial burden on the American taxpayer.

     Let me say again that I fully support legal immigration.  These problems can be fixed, but it will take bi-partisan agreement.  I will work with anyone – regardless of political party or affiliation – to find real solutions to this important issue.  
     *  I will work to secure our borders by supporting policies that end the “Catch & Release” policy of the current Administration.  
     *  I will see that our immigration and customs laws are enforced and will hold responsible any official who refuses to do so.  
     *  I will introduce legislation requiring State and Local authorities to cooperate in the enforcement of Federal laws.  
     *  I will work to strengthen criminal penalties for drug and human trafficking and will hold those responsible for committing these heinous acts accountable.  
     *  I will seek to introduce legislation easing the restrictions on those seeking to emigrate to the U.S. who have lawful U.S. relatives willing to sponsor them.

National Security Issues

Facing the challenges of a more dangerous world.

     Our country is far less safe than at any point in modern history - facing threats from terrorists, rouge states, and near-peer adversaries like China and Russia. Our military is no longer in a position to defend our global interests as it has for the past century. We cannot afford to continue to allow declining recruitment and low retention, social experimentation, ineffective leadership, and inflated procurement costs to impact our military readiness.

     *  I will work to improve the quality of life issues plaguing our military that affect our ability to recruit and retain   
         qualified volunteers.
        -  Increase pay and benefits so that no Service Member will ever need apply for Food Stamps to feed their family.
        -  Ensure that issues plaguing military housing are corrected; providing decent housing to our Service Members and 
            their families.
        -  Establish incentive programs to retain highly qualified experts in critical skillsets needed to defend our nation.
     *  I will work to end the practice of social experimentation within our military and ensure that the focus is returned to 
         developing warfighting skills.
     *  I will work to repeal any and all programs within our military that are aligned with any political positions.
     *  I will seek to hold the leadership of the Department of Defense accountable for every dime of YOUR tax money that 
         is spent and seek to improve the way in which we procure and purchase weapon systems.

Supporting Democracies in Peril - 
Correcting failed foreign policy and accounting for your tax dollars.

     American financial and materiel support to nations in need cannot be an open-ended arrangement.  There must always be a clearly defined endgame and there must be efforts made to ensure that American tax Dollars are being spent for the purposes intended.  Other nations with stakes in the outcomes of pressing world events must also be willing to contribute to nations in need.  America’s generosity must be tempered with accountability.  There are Billions of Dollars unaccounted for from aid given to Iraq and Afghanistan – American tax Dollars siphoned off into the pockets of corrupt officials and unscrupulous vendors – our money stolen without any penalties to anyone responsible.  If our money is not being spent as intended, then I would fully support halting aid until it can be shown that it will be.

     American foreign policy must be well-thought-out and must foster our ideals of freedom, liberty, and justice.  Diplomacy must be conducted from a position of cooperation, trust, and strength.  The current Administration’s chaotic, non-sensical ramblings have weakened American influence and have fostered a global attitude of mistrust of American resolve.  As a result of this Administration’s foreign policy failures, our adversaries no longer fear us and our allies no longer trust us.  They do not believe that America has the will to follow through on anything.  This makes is impossible to project our influence over any international issue of importance.  We now live in a much more dangerous world than at any time in recent history.

     America is the leader of the free world; a beacon of liberty and freedom that has always stood for upholding the principles of democracy. We have always stood against unchecked aggression and threats to our allies.  We have been a buffer against the tide of totalitarianism and have never turned our backs on a free nation in need.  We have the resources to address our own domestic issues while supporting those who share our vision of freedom. 

     There has been much debate recently over our assistance to Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine.  These very different nations have several things in common: 1) All are Democracies; 2) All are threatened by outside forces and; 3) We have treaties with each of these nations to defend them.  Each of these nations face different threats, and the assistance needed by them differs greatly.  As an expert in National Security Policy, I understand that it’s not just about giving them money. 

Support to Israel

     Israel is the only truly democratic nation in the Middle East.  Its people have endured such great tragedies over the centuries; tragedies known by us all. The United States was a leading proponent of the establishment of the modern State of Israel in 1948.  We have always been there for Israel.  We have a moral obligation to support nations that share our principles.

     Israel was the victim of a heinous terrorist attack on October 7th, 2023.  1,269 civilians were viciously murdered in this unprovoked and cowardly act.  Men and women; from infancy to the elderly; citizens of over 20 different nations – including American Citizens; all butchered for no justifiable reason.  Terrorists also kidnapped 239 civilians; to be used as bargaining chips and human shields by cowards.  This was not an act of combat – this was a slaughter of innocents.  Israel’s response in Gaza has been deliberate, measured, and restrained.  Hunting down terrorists is difficult, especially when the terrorists continue to use not only the hostages, but also the civilian population, as human shields.  The loss of civilian lives in Gaza is tragic, but is a direct result of the actions of Hamas.  I support Israel and I support ending this conflict by whatever means are necessary to minimize civilian casualties and provide safety and security to Israelis and those in Gaza alike.  Israel needs American diplomatic backing, intelligence sharing, and humanitarian assistance to any and all civilians effected by the current situation.  Any financial expenditures should be made in support of these basic needs.  As the world came to America’s aid after the 9/11 attacks; so, too, must the world stand with Israel now.

Support to Taiwan

     America has had a very unique relationship with the Republic of China (Taiwan) since it was created in 1949 in the aftermath of the Chinese Civil War.  Established as a democracy, America has always sought to encourage the success of this nation.  Taiwan has been a staunch ally against communist aggression throughout its entire history.  Taiwan has seen a remarkable economic rise, and its people enjoy the freedoms of democracy despite living in the shadow of annihilation by Communist China.  The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has always sought to “re-unify” Taiwan with mainland communist China.  The free Taiwanese people have always resisted.

     The United States has a defense treaty with Taiwan.  We have pledged to come to their assistance in the event of an attack by China.  Chinese actions in the region continue to alarm all Asian nations and threaten to change the structure of trade and security in the region and throughout the world for decades to come. 

     Taiwan is not looking for a hand-out.  Taiwan is in an economic position to purchase the weapons it needs for self-defense.  It continually expresses desires to buy American weapon systems and is not expecting the United States to shoulder all of the responsibility for its own defense. The issue is not our provision of financial assistance, but authorization for Taiwan to purchase the weapons it needs to deter Chinese aggression.  Our Administration and the Congress have dragged their collective feet in approving Taiwan’s weapons purchase requests.  Congressional authorization of weapons sales to Taiwan would provide the circumstances to give a moment of pause to any plans that China may have to use military force against this important democratic ally.

Support to Ukraine

     The Russian Federation invasion of Ukraine was avoidable. Had the Biden Administration sent U.S. Military Advisors to Ukraine as requested, Russia would never have risked a direct military confrontation with the United States and NATO.  This Administration’s refusal was seen as a sign of indecision at best – a sign of weakness at worse – and provided the window needed for Russian troops to pour across the borders of a sovereign, democratic nation; throwing Europe into the largest land war since the end of World War II.

     So, how do we now support our democratic ally as they fight for their very existence?  Tens of thousands of innocent civilians are being killed as Russia continues to attack non-military targets.  We have all seen the video footage of civilians murdered in the streets of cities and towns throughout Ukraine.  I believe that Americans understand the stakes – failure to support Ukraine now will send a signal to Russia that we have lost our resolve to defend freedom. Which country is then next – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia?  All are now NATO members and all now enjoy the assurance of an American military response if attacked, however, this assurance rings hollow if we fail to counter expansionist aggression when it happens.  We must support Ukraine.

     American financial and materiel support to these nations cannot be an open-ended arrangement.  There must be a clearly defined endgame and there must be efforts made to ensure that American tax Dollars are being spent for the purposes intended. Our generosity must be tempered with accountability.  If our money is not being spent as intended, then I would fully support halting aid until it can be shown that it will be.

Protecting Our Rights

Ensuring that our rights under the U.S. Constitution are not abused.

     Our Founding Fathers created the most amazing set of principles ever devised - The Constitution of the United States of America - a living document that could be amended to meet the needs of the people as our world changes.  No other form of government in history was so boldly envisioned and established.  We are blessed to be Americans; to live in what is promised to be a free society where individual rights are protected.

     Sadly though, we continue to see our 1st, 4th, and 5th Amendment Rights eroded by our government.  Parents have been investigated by the FBI as “Domestic Terrorists” for speaking out at school board meetings - exercising their guaranteed rights to Freedom of Speech and to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances (1st Amendment). We have seen attempts to force religious organizations to comply with policies that violate their beliefs - violating their guaranteed right to the Free Exercise of Religion (1st Amendment).  Our Government ordering banks to examine your financial transactions for purchasing sporting goods; or a Bible, Torah, or a Qur'an - then flagging you for investigation as a possible "Domestic Terrorist" - violating you guaranteed rights against Unreasonable Search and Seizure (4th Amendment).  And, most recently, revelations that our web browsing histories have been purchased and reviewed by the Departments of Defense and Justice for no reason – yet again violating our guaranteed right against Unreasonable Search and Seizure (4th Amendment).  All of these examples are egregious violations of our rights - including our guaranteed right to Due Process (5th Amendment).  

     Republican, Democrat, or Independent; Conservative, Moderate, or Liberal; make no mistake - these abuses could be directed in any political direction at any time. 

     Where does it end?  It ends when We, The People, have had enough.  EVERY person working for the Government of the United States; Civilian and Military; swears an oath to, "...support and defend The Constitution against all enemies - foreign and domestic; and that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same..."  I will see these violations ended and will hold those responsible for violating you rights morally, civilly, and criminally accountable.

Protecting and re-affirming your Parental Rights.

     The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Parenting is a “Fundamental Right,” one that cannot be infringed except under the most extreme circumstances.  Efforts to remove Parents from having any say in the education and lives of their children is a gross violation of our rights.  Despite this decree from the Highest Court in the Land, Parents find themselves being increasingly removed from decisions regarding their children in our schools.

      Schools are there to teach the basics – Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.  They are there to educate our children in order for them to become productive members of society.  Maryland schools; like in many States across the nation; are failing miserably at these basic tasks.  What they are not there to do is to indoctrinate our children in social, sexual, or questionable political views.  I believe that, in an effort to take the focus off their abject failure to educate, school system and teachers union leaders have shifted their attention to pushing these radical social agendas on our children.  They are not supposed to be there to force your children to espouse their beliefs – regardless of YOUR wishes as Parents.  Parents have long been “permitted” to opt their children out of certain classes based on their personal religious or moral beliefs.  This option is increasingly being removed from Parents – in violation of the Fundamental Right of Parenting.

      Schools are not there to raise our children.  That is the sole responsibility of Parents.  Refusing to notify a Parent when their child is experiencing difficulties – be they academic, disciplinary, psychological, or sexual – not only harms the students, but violates the most basic Parental right.  Parents are legally, financially, and morally responsible for their children – period.  Parents must be informed of all issues regarding their children.

      These liberal social policies in our schools have – rightfully – caused concern among some parents; parents who have sought answers from their respective school administrators and school boards.  Most times, parents leave these meetings more frustrated with the lack of answers received then when they first arrived.; and some of these inquiries have led to parents being investigated as “Domestic Terrorists” by the FBI.  This governmental conduct could not be more wrong.  Here in Maryland in Fiscal Year 2018, real estate tax collections represented approximately 58% of total public school revenue (Sage Policy Group, December 2019).  That’s our money, and we have a right to not only know how it’s being spent – but to object when it’s being spend on curriculum that is being taught without our input or consideration of our beliefs.  Again, our right, “…to petition the government for a redress of grievances” is guaranteed us in the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

      I have always believed that education should not be a Federal issue, but is reserved for the States.  However, when our Constitutional rights are being violated, it becomes a Federal issue.  As your Senator, I will vote against any legislation that infringes on your rights as Parents.  I will introduce legislation requiring all State and local governmental entities (i.e. school boards) to allow Parents to opt their children out of courses that a Parent finds objectionable.  Parenting is a “Fundamental Right.”

The Economy

Working to control inflation and to reduce wasteful spending.

     Prices of everything from food, to housing, to fuel have skyrocketed over the past several years. Congress' so-called solutions to this have only made things for the average American worse. I see it every time I go to the grocery store or gas station. More and more Marylanders are having difficulty paying for basic needs.

      This Administration, along with the Congress, have enacted laws and policies that not only CAUSED inflation, but that wasted Billions of taxpayer Dollars.  Halting construction of the Keystone Pipeline was a short-sighted and wrong decision for Americans, and for our Canadian allies.  This vital infrastructure project brought a great number of high-paying jobs to America and would have provided a less expensive and ecologically safe way to transport crude oil from Canadian oil fields to refineries in America.  The Administration's cancellation of drilling leases on Federal lands took away oil producers' ability to provide cheap, domestic oil to Americans.  The Inflation Reduction Act did anything but reduce inflation - in fact, it did the very opposite thing that it was named to do.  It funneled Billions of our Dollars into risky so-called "Green Energy" projects while doing nothing to reduce costs of goods for the average American consumer.

     *  I will work to restore America's energy independence, because it all starts with the cost of moving products from point A to point B.  I believe that this can be done while still protecting the environment and promoting clean energy  alternatives through the use of tax credits for innovation, research, and development.
     *  I will seek to repeal any legislation that further damages the economy and makes things for us more expensive.
     *  I will serve as a advocate for Maryland products and services to be included in any proposed economic legislation.

Term Limits

Returning Congress to the people.

     The Founding Fathers NEVER envisioned politics as a lifetime career.  They understood that representatives needed to change from time-to-time in order to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the issues.  Politicians aren’t interested in solving our problems.  They are only concerned with telling you who’s to blame for them and in enriching themselves, their families and their friends.  Marylanders have voted for career politicians for decades.  Tell me, how’s that working out for us?  Have they solved anything?  Has your life improved?  If the answer to these questions is no, then perhaps it’s time we did something different.  American deserves better – Maryland deserves better - YOU deserve better.  

     A late-2023 Pew Research survey determined that 87% of Americans want term limits for Congress.  That is an overwhelming number of Americans that want term limits.   The most recent  Pulse Opinion Research polling, conducted in 2020, determined that 75% of Marylanders, across all political parties and all demographics, are in favor of term limits for Congress.  The results of these polls cry out for action.  The voices of Marylanders and the rest of America can no longer be ignored. 

     I will work to pass legislation for a Constitutional Amendment setting a 12-year total limit on serving in Congress.  If Congress is unwilling to do this, then I will work with State Governors to request that they call for a Constitutional Convention to make what 87 percent of Americans want a reality.  I will only serve 1 term in the Senate.  I have no intention of making politics my next career.

Saving Social Security

Ensuring that its there for generations to come.

     Recent estimates project that the Social Security Trust Fund will become insolvent by 2041, leaving countless millions of aging Americans without a vital source of income.  Our Government, while not directly using the Social Security Trust Fund for shortfalls in the General Fund, "invests" the Trust Fund capital into Government-backed securities.  These bonds have long been considered a safe investment, but only earn an average return of about 2 percent. By "investing" in Government securities, the money is essentially funneled into the General Fund for use across the government.  By doing this, those that pay into the Trust Fund become "investors" in those government bonds with the promise of being paid back in the future by a system that now has amassed a debt, as of January 2024, of nearly $34 Trillion Dollars (that's $34,000,000,000,000).  That's $99,660.31 in debt for every human being in the United States (as of February 2024).  That doesn't inspire a great deal of confidence in that "investment," does it?  If your other investments were performing this poorly and giving you a return of about 2 percent, you'd probably look for another broker.

     This practice has been going on for decades and has resulted in increases to the age at which we can collect full benefits from 65 to 67.  There are even proposals to increase that yet again to 70.  The average life expectancy in the U.S. is 79.  This is YOUR money - taken from YOUR paychecks every payday during YOUR entire working life.  It is not an entitlement; it is a Federally administered retirement plan with a questionable investment strategy.

     I will introduce legislation to end the practice of funneling YOUR retirement to pay for other programs that should be covered by other sources of revenue.  That legislation will also include provisions to examine more profitable investment strategies to yield better returns on YOUR investments.

Law Enforcement

Supporting the rule of law and those who enforce it.

       We are a Nation based upon the rule of law.  Justice for All is engrained in our Pledge of Allegiance.  As Americans, we should rest safe in the knowledge that our justice system will protect us against those that would seek to do us harm; and that justice will be swift, fair, and impartial.  Sadly, we have seen in recent years where our Federal Justice System has increasingly been weaponized against political opponents of whichever political party is in power – perverting the most basic tenant of liberty.

      The law must be evenly applied, and resources use to combat those offenses where there is sufficient probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed.  We do not need to seek out or invent crimes – there are plenty enough that present themselves for our justice system to worry about.  The fair and just application of our laws protects each and every one of us – regardless of political party or affiliation.  We must treat everyone with respect and dignity – even those that would seek to violate our laws.  We must remember that all are entitled to the protection of their rights, and that a government that would subjugate the rights of one, may subjugate the rights of many.  That is not who we are.  That is not what America is about. 

      I support our Law Enforcement Professionals.  As a former Law Enforcement Officer myself, I understand the enormous challenge posed in maintaining law and order, while protecting and defending the rights of all of our citizens.  Law Enforcement is not merely a job – it’s a calling – an act of public service unlike any other.  Maryland approved the nation's first Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights in 1974; a law that provided law enforcement officers certain protections if accused of misconduct.  Since then, 19 other States followed Maryland’s lead and enacted their own Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights.  In 2021, the Maryland General Assembly repealed Maryland’s Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights; the only State in the nation to repeal these protections.  I believe that the repeal of these protections has severely undermined Maryland’s ability to recruit and retain highly qualified Police Officers.
     Maryland and America need good Law Enforcement Officers, and they need to know that they will be treated fairly if accused of misconduct.  In 1995, both the Senate and the House of Representatives introduced Bills establishing a Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights (HR-878 and S-334) at the Federal level.  These Bills, unfortunately, never made it out of Committee.  As your Senator, I will re-introduce this legislation and will seek a sponsor for the House version among Members who also support Law Enforcement Officers.

Maintaining our right to keep and bear arms and deterring crime.

     The Founding Fathers understood the need for our Citizens to maintain the ability to defend themselves.  Firearms offer a means of protection against threats; not only from hostile people and criminals, but also from tyranny imposed by a government.  They engrained the right, "...to keep and bear arms..." into the 2nd Amendment of our U.S. Constitution for just these reasons.  Our Founding Fathers understood the need for citizens to maintain the ability to defend themselves against a government seeking to subdue them.  Every totalitarian government in modern history has sought to disarm the population as a way in which they could be controlled.  Firearm ownership in today's society allows our citizens to defend themselves and others against out of control criminal activity.  Criminals are less likely to commit crimes in areas where they believe the potential victim may be armed.  

     Rights come with inherent responsibilities.  I believe that this applies to firearms ownership as well.  I will introduce legislation requiring that registered owners of firearms keep and maintain records of the sale or transfer of a firearm, and that; if required under existing law to be registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE); the information for the new owner be provided to BATFE within 30 days of the sale or transfer.  We require a transfer of ownership for the purchase of an automobile - why not for the purchase of a firearm?

     Marylanders (and I believe the rest of America) understand that criminals, by definition, do not obey laws.  there are, by some estimates, over 300,000 Federal, State, and Local firearms laws currently on the books.  More laws simply are not the answer.  Stricter enforcement of existing laws will serve as a deterrent to those thinking about using a firearm in the commission of a crime.  I will introduce Federal legislation to remove judicial discretion in sentencing and mandating a 5-year consecutively served sentence, that cannot be suspended, for commission of a crime where a firearm was used.  

     Will these steps end violent crime - of course not.  Countries with some of the strictest gun laws on the planet still routinely record homicides.  People were killing and assaulting one another long before the invention of firearms; and that is likely not going to change.  But ensuring that those who choose to use a firearm in the commission of a crime should have a much longer time behind bars to think about the consequences of their actions.

Reproductive Issues

Advocating Marylanders' positions, not my own.

     The issue of reproductive rights is a contentious one – invoking strong passions in those of all political persuasions.  Conservative, Moderate, or Liberal; all seem to have very definite positions on reproductive issues.  Like every Marylander, I have my own personal views on these topics as well, rooted in logic and in my personal beliefs.
      We live in a Democratic Republic where the majority decides policy.  I pledge to support the positions of Marylanders in the Senate and not to vote in a manner contrary to the positions of Marylanders in this matter.  The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization returns the abortion issue to the States - and Marylanders have expressed their support for legal abortion.  It is codified in Maryland Statutes.  As such, I view this as a decided issue for Marylanders and my personal views on this issue are of little consequence.  As your Senator, I am honor-bound to advocate your positions.  That is what your representatives are supposed to do.  I will support the position of Marylanders - not my own - on this issue and will not support any Federal efforts to pass legislation that infringes upon the rights of Marylanders to decide this issue for ourselves.

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