About John A. Myrick

John and his beautiful Wife, Nancy Nevarez-Myrick
January 2024

A Candidate Committed to Marylanders, not Special Interests

     I am not a politician, I am a public servant. I am an ordinary Marylander looking to make a difference. I have no interest in making politics a career and pledge here and now to serve only one term in the U.S. Senate. The founding Fathers never envisioned serving in Congress as a lifetime job. They believed that representation needed to change from time to time in order to ensure that fresh ideas and perspectives were brought to bear on the issues.

     I have spent my entire adult life defending Maryland and our Nation. Early in my career, I served as a Harford County Deputy Sheriff - the only Maryland Candidate for U.S. Senate from either Party to have ever worn a badge.  I served 23 years in the U.S. Air Force Reserves before retiring in 2008. I am a highly decorated combat veteran and continued the tradition of military service that dates back in my family to the founding of the Nation - nearly 250 years of near-continuous service to the defense of America. While serving in the Air Force Reserves, I was a highly decorated and highly respected Civilian Senior Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Intelligence Community and was considered an expert in asymmetric threats such as terrorism, drugs, and weapons of mass destruction. I have lectured at a number of major universities throughout the country on National Security policy issues. I have presented briefings on dozens of occasions to Congressional Committees and individual Members, and have briefed NATO leadership. I also served as a keynote speaker for a international conference on counterterrorism hosted by the Australian Federal Police. This experience has given me a rather unique perspective of how our National-level Decision-makers approach issues of global importance. Since leaving Federal Civil Service, I have been a Contract Senior Advisor for several federal agencies, including the U.S. Departments of Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security.

*Please Note:  All persons on this website shown in military uniform are Retired members of the U.S. Air Force Reserve. Use of their military ranks, job titles, and photographs in
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Me and my best friend, then-TSgt Gerald K.S. Mitchell - 1999

Putting Marylanders First

     I am a dedicated candidate committed to putting Marylanders first. With a deep understanding of the issues and challenges facing our State and Nation, I am passionate about creating positive change and improving the lives of all Marylanders. I bring a fresh perspective, innovative ideas, and a strong dedication to public service. 

     I was raised here in Maryland by proud, working-class Marylanders.  I was taught from the earliest age that the most important things in life are your family, your community, and country; that loyalty and integrity matter; and that you should always be willing to help people whenever and wherever you can. 

With my late Father, TSgt Thomas A. Myrick, Sr
 at his retirement ceremony - 2005

Marylanders Need Solutions to Our Problems, not Promises or Blame

     Our Nation is facing serious issues, and we need representatives that will work together to solve them. I will work with anyone to provide solutions - regardless of political party or affiliation - because that is the only way things get fixed. For far too long, career politicians have been more interested in protecting their own positions and blaming each other for the way things are. Our country deserves better - Marylanders deserve better - you deserve better.

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