John A. Myrick for Senate
I'm not a Politician; I'm a Public Servant

Endorsed by Veterans for America First as their 2024 choice to represent Maryland in the U.S. Senate

Seeking to Represent Marylanders in the United States Senate

Welcome to the official website of John A. Myrick, a Republican running for the United States Senate to represent all Marylanders. With extensive experience and a passion for public service, John aims to bring positive change and make a difference in the lives of the people of Maryland. Join the campaign and help shape a better future for our great state.

Marylanders Need Solutions to Our Problems, not Promises or Blame

     Our Nation is facing serious issues, and we need representatives that will work together to solve them. I will work with anyone to provide solutions - regardless of political party or affiliation - because that is the only way things get fixed. I'm not a politician, I'm a public servant. For far too long, career politicians have been more interested in protecting their own positions and blaming each other for the way things are.  Our country deserves better - you deserve better.

     Marylanders have voted for career politicians for decades.  Tell me, how’s that working out for us?  Have they solved anything?  Has your life improved?  If the answer to these questions is no, then perhaps it’s time we did something different. It’s time for a change.  I firmly believe that I am the agent of that change. 

About John A. Myrick

A Dedicated Leader for Maryland

John A. Myrick is a dedicated leader with a proven track record of advocating for the interests and needs of Marylanders. With a deep understanding of the challenges facing our state, John is committed to finding innovative solutions and fighting for positive change. As a candidate for the United States Senate, John is focused on representing the voices of Marylanders and working towards a brighter future for all.

Proposing Real Solutions for Real Problems

     Our Nation is facing several major issues that negatively impact Marylanders every day. These problems need real solutions and are not going to be solved through partisan politics. As your U.S. Senator, I would work with any and all like-minded people - regardless of political party or affiliation - focusing on these major issues:

Our Southern Border Crisis

     Our Southern Border Crisis is a catastrophe.  Let me say that I fully support legal immigration - NOT illegal immigration.  The border crisis can be fixed, but it will take bi-partisan agreement.  
*  I will work to secure our borders by supporting policies that end the “Catch & Release” policy of the current Administration.  
*  I will see that our immigration and customs laws are enforced and will hold responsible any official who refuses to do so.  
*  I will introduce legislation requiring State and Local authorities to cooperate in the enforcement of Federal laws.  
*  I will work to strengthen criminal penalties for drug and human trafficking and will hold those responsible for committing these heinous acts accountable.  
*  I will seek to introduce legislation easing the restrictions on those seeking to emigrate to the U.S. who have lawful U.S. relatives willing to sponsor them.

A More Dangerous World

Our country is far less safe than at any point in modern history - facing threats from terrorists, rouge states, and near-peer adversaries like China and Russia.      
*  I will work to improve the quality of life issues plaguing our military that affect our ability to recruit and retain qualified volunteers.
        -  Increase pay and benefits so that no Service Member will ever need apply for Food Stamps to feed their family.
        -  Ensure that issues plaguing military housing are corrected; providing decent housing to our Service Members and 
            their families.
        -  Establish incentive programs to retain highly qualified experts in critical skillsets needed to defend our nation.
     *  I will work to end the practice of social experimentation within our military and ensure that the focus is returned to developing warfighting skills.
     *  I will work to repeal programs within our military that are aligned with any political positions.
     *  I will seek to hold the leadership of the Department of Defense accountable for every dime of YOUR tax money that is spent and seek to improve the way in which  we procure and purchase weapon systems.

Returning Congress to You

The Founding Fathers never envisioned service in Congress as a career. They understood that representatives needed to be rotated from time to time in order to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to deal with the Nation's business. Far too many of our Representatives and Senators have spent decades in office. Has this longevity solved any of the issues effecting the average American? I think not.
*  I will introduce legislation for a 12 year total term limit for Congress.
*  I will only serve one (1) term in the U.S. Senate.
*  I will work with the Maryland Governor and leaders in the State House to promote your priorities - not those of a particular political party or special interest.
*  I will work with other like-minded Members to hold Members accountable for their conduct.

Working to Control Inflation

Prices of everything from food, to housing, to fuel have skyrocketed over the past several years. Congress' so-called solutions to this have only made things for the average American worse.
*  I will work to restore America's energy independence, because it all starts with the cost of moving products from point A to point B.  I believe that this can be done while still protecting the environment.
*  I will seek to repeal any legislation that further damages the economy and makes things for us more expensive.
*  I will serve as a advocate for Maryland products and services to be included in any proposed economic legislation.

Proven Leadership

With a successful career in public service, John A. Myrick has demonstrated strong leadership skills and a commitment to creating positive change.

Advocacy for Marylanders

John is a passionate advocate for the needs and interests of Marylanders. He understands the unique challenges faced by our state and will work tirelessly to address them.

Experience and Expertise

With extensive experience in government and politics, John A. Myrick brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. He is well-equipped to tackle the complex issues facing our state and nation.

Community Engagement

John strongly believes in the power of community engagement. He actively seeks input from Marylanders and works collaboratively to develop effective solutions that benefit everyone.

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